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Dinner at Khayal

Khayal restaurant in Jeddah is something not to be missed. A Turkish restaurant serving delicious, healthy traditional Turkish dishes. It is a well-known favorite in the city and crowds are to be expected.

Making our way there to have a nice dinner we were quickly impressed. The restaurant’s decor is warm and lighting dim making for a very charming dinner scene. The family section is dimly lit and sectioned off which allows for a more comfortable dining experience. The menu is extensive, catering to everybody. A selection of mixed grills, salads, appetizers and shawarama plates. The food was delicious and the serving sizes were ample. Even having line-ups of awaiting patrons, we never felt the crowd or how busy the restaurant actually was. The waiters were attentive and the food was brought out in adequate timing.

I recommend this place to anyone here in Jeddah looking for good Turkish food and a great atmosphere.

Don’t miss out on the kunafa and ice cream, it’s to die for!